Monthly Archives: December 2016

Time to start blogging again…

I sort of disappeared.

Fortunately, this is the kind of blog with the kind of readership where I suspect pretty much no one noticed, which is fine with me…but I’ve decided if I’m going to hang onto this domain, I’d like to re-engage with it.

So…since I last posted…the doctorate is won. It made very little difference in my overall life, except that there is now a different box I can check in forms I fill out, and occasionally when I check into a hotel, they say, “Enjoy your stay, Dr. Budziak.” Fairly low-impact. I kind of knew that going in, so it’s no surprise. Nothing’s all that different.

I am now working several different jobs, which is better than it sounds.  I am an editor for a publishing company, which lets me wallow in words and music and how they are all put together. I am directing at a large church which, while it’s not a choral or art-music kind of situation, lets me stretch my theological and liturgical chops a bit and work with some very fine musicians and dedicated. I’m still singing with the symphony chorus. And best of all, I am an adjunct choral conductor at a university, which gives me my own ensemble, and the chance to do what I love, with a minimum of administrivia or faculty meetings. So…it’s all good.

Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with some interesting things to say…