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Alice Parker and her Melodious Accord

On Being, with Krista Tippett:

A beautiful piece on and with Alice Parker, one of the few conductors of high stature who is not even remotely afraid to speak about music primarily in the context of life, connection, emotion, and connection with humanity.
It’s worth taking the time to listen, whether on the website or by downloading the “On Being” podcast. There is a transcription here, but Alice Parker’s words and voice give it much more life…
(Probably one of my favorite compliments ever–a non-musician friend of mine heard this on the radio driving in to work, and said she thought it was really cool and it reminded her of me and the way I approach music and singing…:-))

Time to start blogging again…

I sort of disappeared.

Fortunately, this is the kind of blog with the kind of readership where I suspect pretty much no one noticed, which is fine with me…but I’ve decided if I’m going to hang onto this domain, I’d like to re-engage with it.

So…since I last posted…the doctorate is won. It made very little difference in my overall life, except that there is now a different box I can check in forms I fill out, and occasionally when I check into a hotel, they say, “Enjoy your stay, Dr. Budziak.” Fairly low-impact. I kind of knew that going in, so it’s no surprise. Nothing’s all that different.

I am now working several different jobs, which is better than it sounds.  I am an editor for a publishing company, which lets me wallow in words and music and how they are all put together. I am directing at a large church which, while it’s not a choral or art-music kind of situation, lets me stretch my theological and liturgical chops a bit and work with some very fine musicians and dedicated. I’m still singing with the symphony chorus. And best of all, I am an adjunct choral conductor at a university, which gives me my own ensemble, and the chance to do what I love, with a minimum of administrivia or faculty meetings. So…it’s all good.

Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with some interesting things to say…