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Maestro Salonen Making Sense (Ten Tips for Conductors)

"talk to the hand."

“talk to the hand.”

I freely admit, this is me posting something primarily so I won’t lose track of it for myself.

None of these are brain surgery, but all make really good sense. Probably my favorite is #4, “Accept that you are just a waiter.” He says, “The composer is the chef and the conductor is the waiter. Both are totally honourable professions, but we have to accept that if I conduct a piece by Beethoven, I’m just a waiter. I might be head waiter, but waiter none the less and I am there to make sure the food comes to the table on time and intact.”  I love this.

And of course, #10, “Be a boy or a girl.” Hah.

So check it out: Esa-Pekka Salonen: 10 tips to becoming a conductor.