Monthly Archives: May 2014

Time Curve Preludes

I was initially going to write a post about this ridiculous commercial, but I’m taking the high road and going with William Duckworth’s Time Curve Preludes instead.

I love these pieces–the American Record Guide calls them the “Well-Tempered Clavier of Minimalism,” and while I’m on the fence as to how traditionally “minimalistic” they are (does anyone really know what minimalism is, honestly? Or, do any two people who know what minimalism really is actually agree with one another?), I still think they are absolutely cool. Some are more favorite-y than others, but as someone who doesn’t generally sit down and listen to solo piano music for pleasure (despite having gotten a degree in piano performance…that’ll tell you something, won’t it?), I nonetheless keep putting these on my rotation.


(By the way, speaking of minimalism, Kyle McGann’s “New Music Box” articles about minimalism and Stuff Like It are a really good read, much better than most turgid academic-y articles, and fascinating. I like this stuff. If you do too, bookmark it and check it later!)