Monthly Archives: March 2014

Compsers Doing Normal S$*&tuff

This is sort of adorable. I love it. Check out Mahler doing yard work:



Naturally I managed to waste even more time poring through all 7 pages of these…but they are NEAT. Britten taking pictures. Varese drinking coffee. A bunch of guys petting their dogs. Caroline Shaw kayaking. Igor Stravinsky in an early 20th-century Speedo. (That one’s a little disturbing, to be honest.) Some of them look distinctly posed, but many are very cool.

I also found, in the process, a new blog and a new blogger, Allegra Martin in Boston. (I tried to comment on her site, but it wouldn’t go through, thanks to Blogger’s weirdness, so Allegra, if you find your way here through my link, hi!) It’s always fun to find another chick with a stick, you know?:-)

Okay, this is me stalling from grading papers and writing the dissertation, and I don’t want to break the Seinfeld Chain on only my second day, so I’ll stop blogging and get going…Enjoy these pictures, though!