The Seinfeld Chain

computer keyboardOkay, enough farting around. I’m spending too much time reading, note-taking, researching, and generally not writing. I need to start writing, actually getting words onto the screen.

So just as I’m beginning to come to this realization, I find a blogpost of Clarissa’s, talking about another writer’s creation of what he calls the “Seinfeld Chain.” It’s like what my daughter’s cello teacher calls “wipeout,” I think–you commit to writing every day, regardless of whether you feel like it or not. And you mark on a calendar every day you write, and if you miss a day, you go back to zero. The goal is to make the longest chain of days possible.

I never really watched Seinfeld; I thought watching unhappy people be sort of funny jerks to each other and become more and more miserable all the time to be sort of un-entertaining. So if anyone can tell me why this is a “Seinfeld chain” I’d appreciate it…

But I’m still going to do it. Day one, 3 pages. If I can write 3 pages a day, I’ll be at my required 100 in a fairly reasonable amount of time. If I can write more than 3, so much the better, and so soon the sooner. (Which makes no sense, but who cares?)

Okay, back to writing. Wish me luck.


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