Monthly Archives: March 2014

Anyone remember this? (Laurie Anderson’s “O Superman”)

I can’t remember who first introduced me to this piece maybe 25-30 years ago…but it’s stuck with me. Then when I took Grad History Review (i.e. Doctoral Students Forced To Do Grout Again For Probably The Fourth Time Since We Were College Freshmen), this one came up from one of the composers in the group as an important work. And now, researching postmodernism, it comes up again in my reading.

It’s hypnotic stuff.

This led me to Spotify, to look at some of her more recent work, like Life on a String and Homeland. I’ve now got a spectacular playlist of her stuff, and I really like her a lot. She sits right on that cusp between/among all these different disciplines (“performance art” doesn’t really cut it as a category), and has her finger right on the pulse of the zeitgeist…I find her fascinating.

So…if you’re even remotely bored and looking for something new to listen to, check her out.