Berio’s Sinfonia, Third Movement

This is hailed as one of the first pieces of “postmodern” music out there, the beginning of the wave that possibly still hasn’t crested yet…it’s as old as I am. Which is interesting to contemplate.

It’s insane. It’s nuts. It’s thick and impenetrable and really really cool…and sort of amazing. It sounds to me exactly like what would happen if someone hid microphones in every room in a music school and played them all at once. (There might be theater rehearsals going on in the same building?) Most unexpected use of the Mahler 2 Scherzo I’ve ever heard.

(If you’re going to give it a try–and no judgment if you’re not–do it with earphones and commit to at least 4-5 minutes of it before you go “aaaaahhh” and bail. Once you get that far, you might make it to the end…)

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