And…she’s back.

Winter quarter kicked my butt. But I kicked its butt right back.

Spring quarter kicked it less, butI had my 4.0 destroyed by a professor who gave zero indication of his grading criteria and no grades given at any point during the quarter, but who gave me an A- for his class despite my having worked my butt off and shown up every single class period, on time, while others who got A’s missed a week or more out of the 10 in the quarter. Some situations and professors you feel like you should fight it and have a shot at winning. This situation, and more specifically this professor, is not one of them.

The summer was lovely; instead of getting work done and doing my IRB application and catching up on all that research, I spent a lot of time reading blogs and novels and going to the pool with my kids.  In a few weeks I may regret that; not yet. They still enjoy my company; I’m hanging onto that and I don’t want to miss it while it’s still here.

But now we are gearing up again.  My new professor seems actually quite wonderful, I will have my own ensemble this year, and my coursework will be comparatively light. I have been invited to present at two different conventions over the next year, I have a book that’s just come out, and things are happening.

Year two. Here we go.

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