My Book Report: Why Research Misconduct is Bad

I’m planning to do some case study/qualitative analysis work for my doctoral project. I had no idea how much work is involved just in terms of designing the study and getting approval from the Institutional Review Board for it…there’s a 3 hour online course I have to take online and get certified or whatever to be allowed to even apply for approval…

The entire first “module” (contemporary edu-speak for “lesson”) is about how researchers should not commit research misconduct.  And why. And what can happen to them if they do. And how research misconduct is Bad.

I find it disheartening to think that there might be anyone taking this course who would either be surprised to discover this, or would think it’s silly and untrue.  “Hey, guess what–when you do research data, you have to do all the experiments. And record the data accurately–no fair changing it to match the result you want!” “Really? Seriously? No s**t? Wow, who knew?”

Sigh. Off to module 2.

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