An Introvert Relaxes.

Now that the last paper is PDF’d and sent to the prof, the last presentation is given, the last concert sung, and the books returned to the library, I’m done.

And wiped out. Wow.

In the meantime, I found this awesome article:

10 Myths about Introverts

This guy hits it on the nose. I wish more people knew about this. (Although, have you noticed, extroverts really don’t care what introverts are like.  But it’s nice for introverts to understand that the stuff many extroverts say about them are really off base, and the problem is them, not us.)

I think for the next seven days or so I will not listen to music, I will not crack a score or any printed matter that isn’t a crime thriller or foodie magazine. I will watch movies only if they have no redeeming social value. Or possibly if they contain Muppets. I may even try to stay off the computer for a few days.

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