Sometimes Inertia is Easily Overcome

Like, when one is doing something one really wants to do.

I like it here. It’s exhausting, my brain is killing me, and I keep forgetting to do silly things like, for example, eat.  And I’m walking all over the place, which is really good for me. But the thinking, and the learning, and the stuff going on…It’s beyond amazing.  I’m already having my brain stretched in new directions, and it’s awesome.

I also am finding myself a little surprised by how well-situated I am academically here; within a music performance environment, scholar-geeks are not found as easily as in other places where the “music studies” are more prevalent. I can hold my own.  I even, at the moment, find myself wondering if I could after all have taken an additional class, although come to think of it that may be because nothing has met more than once yet this quarter.  It’s easy to say “hey mon, piece of cake!” when you read the syllabus, less so as one progresses through things and has one’s own major area of study to work in…

But I like it here.  Even Dr. Lecturer greeted me with eye contact and a smile when I walked in today.  I am finding colleagues, and friends, and People Who Know Lots More Than I Do, and it’s generally a huge joy.

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