I who am but as a worm…

I of course recognize the right of every academic to be addressed as they choose by students.

But when a faculty lecturer indicates that he is to be addressed as “Dr. Lecturer” even by the doctoral students in his relatively small department who are not even his students (referring to those doctoral students in the same sentence as “all those freshmen”), I hope he realizes that said doctoral students have equal right to use that request as part of their judgment of his character, and that it will be weighed into their determination of the level of respect he will earn from them.

But then…I’m just a student. I turned over several IQ points, and most of my dignity, at registration along with my Financial Aid Form. What do I know?

I think I’ve just had my first taste of Hard Core Academic Atmosphere. I personally prefer mutually respectful acknowledgement of each individual’s respective humanity and knowledge, which up to now has been my academic milieu even as a Master’s student, but it is what it is.  I can make a learning experience out of anything, including this.

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