Registration Schmegistration

What’s the deal? Existing students get to sign up for everything in, like, May, and new students first get a crack at the process about 4 days before classes begin. The first two courses I really wanted were full before ours even opened. I have a very sweet and slightly obsequious note in to one of the professors to see if he’d let me into his class, but the fact is that my major class conflicts with about 4 other things that are still open and which I’d really like to take.  So at the times I actually can take a class, there were only two offered, and one was closed as of the morning of registration (though it had still been open the night before when I went to bed) and the other is one of those courses that’s so esoteric and not-what-anyone-wants that it will never fill.

So I’m not really sure what to do to fill up the rest of my course load.  I’m hoping I can maybe skip the extra class all together and take some lessons or something; I’ve got my technical full time course load in place, I was just really hoping to front-load this degree with the tougher theory and history courses now so that next year when I’ve got recitals I will be able to focus more on those. But if there’s nothing to take, there’s nothing to take, and I ought to take some lessons anyway to keep my chops up. Or there’s a composition class that looks not too bad…and a better grasp of instrumentation (if it’s what I think it is) could be very helpful to me as a conductor anyway…

I’ve also discovered that the one course I really wanted to take this winter is also in direct conflict with one of the things I’m required to take for my major.  I’m hoping I might convince that particular prof to let me do an independent study with her in that area at some point–I mean hell, how many specialists in qualitative analysis in music are there in the country, the world for that matter? And I’ve got one at my school and can’t take her class?

This is all very frustrating.

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