School Begins…

Four meetings in one day.

First the New Student’s Convocation.  Then the Graduate Student Orientation Meeting.  A short lunch break before the Theory Exam From Hell. (Okay, it wasn’t that bad, I just really really hate exams and theory and most of all tests that are open-ended enough that you don’t really know when you’re done.) Then the Financial Aid meeting.  And finally the doctoral music students’ meeting. At which just enough individual students felt the need to ask just enough really-only-relevant-to-them questions that I didn’t have any chance of making the 5:02 train, which means I had instead to get the 5:43, because there’s nothing in between the two. Which didn’t get me home till 7:00. I don’t suppose I should complain; it would have taken me easily till 6:45 if I’d driven, for a lot more money.  But  if I’d caught the 5:02  it would have gotten me home 45 minutes earlier.

Tomorrow there’s another meeting, and then advising. With the orchestra guy, because apparently my advisor is still out of town or something…hopefully I passed the damn theory test.

I’m wiped out.  This is wonderfully exciting, but am I going to survive the next 2 years?

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