Monthly Archives: September 2011

Here’s a Mission: Educate My Kids

I knew when I walked into Parent Night that it was going to be a long evening.

It’s a peculiarity of this particular school that they absolutely won’t open the doors early for anything.  And when I say “early,” I mean at a quarter to seven when we arrived the doors were still locked.  The same thing happened on the first day of school; everything was battened down tight until exactly the moment the Powers That Be decided to admit the students. I can’t decide if this is a control thing or a disorganization thing, but I suspect it may be both.

We walked in, and there were handouts. A schedule for the evening, with three things on it. And a sheet of paper with a “Mission Statment” and a “Vision Statment.”

When I posted it on Facebook, several friends came back with fairly pertinent commentary (e.g. “‎3 wds: just kill me” and “Kind of like the Eulogy that begins, ‘Uncle Joe was born in…'”), but my favorite was:

“Here’s a mission: educate my kids. And for a vision, how about a vision of educated kids?”