Rejections don’t have to be warm and fuzzy, but…

Joy #1: the publishing house holds onto the manuscript so bloody long that by the time they send the letter 6 months later telling you whether they are interested or not, you’ve forgotten you even sent anything. You think it may be a happy letter about something unrelated.  Or a check. Yeah, a check would be nice…

Joy #2: it’s a form letter.  They are, in prose, very polite about “thank you for submitting your piece of music for our consideration” and “unfortunately, we are not able to accept your submission at this time” and “We wish you all the best” and all the typical form letter B.S. one comes to expect, if not for its sincerity, then for its courtesy and ritual qualities.

Joy #3: so you read down to the bottom, where it has in bold type: “Piece Rejected: Some Pretty Choral Thing About Jesus?”

Why bother writing a polite and courteous form rejection letter if you’re then going to put at the bottom, in bold type, Rejected! We reject you! We do not simply decline to publish, we outright REJECT! REJECT REJECT REJECT!

Or maybe I’m being oversensitive.



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