Here I sit at the library…again…

…and again I can’t quite bring myself to buckle down and write this damn manuscript.

Slow going.

Is it that I’m inherently lazy? Or that I need a vacation, the kind of actual shut-down-the-brain-don’t-have-to-concentrate-on-anything-substantive-for-at-least-a-week thing I almost never get? Vacations themselves are exhausting.  “Days off” are exhausting. This past weekend, spent almost wholly with family and kids, was tremendous fun but draining beyond belief.  I wish my husband “got” it; I’m a person who just sort of needs some calm quiet solitude time to recharge, and these weekends spent at the school picnic Friday night and the Heifer fair Saturday morning and the birthday pool party Saturday afternoon and the Naper Settlement Sunday afternoon and the Riverwalk after that, followed by Family Charades after dinner (which I cooked), is absolutely knackering.  (Charades? Really? Did we have to do charades? After a weekend like that, would an hour in front of the TV have been so bad?)

I’m just so damn tired. I want to sit down on the couch and watch 7 or 8 hours of some crappy syndicated TV show until my brain turns to a puddle. But I have this manuscript staring down my back, with deadline rapidly approaching.


There isn’t enough coffee in the world.  Coffee doesn’t do it at all. Anyone know where I could rent a sensory deprivation chamber for the week?

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