The Day Draws Near…

I am officially two weeks from being Gainfully Unemployed.

And 4 weeks after that, school starts.

Last time I was a grad student I was single, living in a tiny apartment with crappy furniture, eating ramen noodles and peanut butter (sometimes off a spoon, near the end of the month when I was waiting for the TA stipend check and didn’t have money for bread), and blowing off way more than I should have of the work I was doing.

Now I’m married, live in the burbs in a reasonable-sized house with less crappy furniture and a husband and two kids and two dogs. I don’t eat ramen, and my kids don’t like peanut butter. I have a partner who brings home a fairly decent paycheck, so we should be able to make this work.

Best piece of advice I got from someone else who did grownup-go-to-school thing: he said, treat it as your full time 9-5 job regardless of what your class schedule is.  Go in the morning, stay all day, work all day, and then go home. Do your reading, studying, practicing, preparation, etc. during the hours you’re not in class. Go to your 8:15 class, and then at 9:00 when it’s done, go study in the library till your 10:30 class. Get your reading done over your sandwich, and go to the 1:30 rehearsal. And so on. Then you can have a semblance of a family life when you’re not actually on campus. I’m hoping this will work, because that makes perfect sense to me.

I’m a mom.  Within 8 months of giving birth I realized that I somehow had magically gained the skill of doing in 20 minutes what used to take an hour, and in 30 minutes what used to take 2 hours. Even with the crazy two-ensembles-5-hours-each-per-week-for-only-half-a-credit idiocy with which every music student has been plagued since the beginning of time, I should be able to do this.


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