Is Internet Drama really more dramatic when around women’s issues, or does it just seem that way?

Internet Drama makes me roll my eyes, shake my head, and do multiple *facepalmheaddesk* moves. And yet, I can’t look away.

The latest: Circle of Moms held a contest for the Top 25 Political Mom Blogs.  Lots of really good blogs on this list–I had been familiar with many of them long before the contest started: Viva La Feminista, The Radical Housewife, and MomsRising, in particular, I think are doing wonderful work, and they all made the top ten.

And they, as far as I know, played pretty much no part in the drama. (Unless they have covert Twitter IDs and stayed way under the radar…which is unlikely.) They were kind of extras in the production, part of the scenery, or like those people in Shakespearean plays who get born, arrive somewhere, live, or die based on something the Third Soldier comes onstage and announces in one line. So this ain’t about them.

The leads, and incidentally the two blogs that, for most of the contest, were running neck and neck in the lead: Political Mommentary and The Feminist Breeder.

Political Mommentary is one of those scary (to me) blogs by a woman spouting right-wing unfounded nonsense that sounds reasonable and intelligent until you smell the whiff of bovine excrement in the facts and assumptions beneath the reason, the kind of thing that makes one grateful she’s too busy twittering about the fabulousness of Michelle Bachman to actually blog much. (How can a blog that hasn’t had a new post since May 13 be in the running for top anything? Two posts in May, and before that, March? Top blog indeed.) Her twitter account is on fire, though, and she and her husband (who, in my edumikated academic opinion sounds like what my grandmother would have called “a real piece of work”) (which is “grandma” for “umitigated jackass”) and her many many right-wing followers spent lots of bandwidth campaigning for her to win this contest.

The Feminist Breeder –another interesting entry. And if “saying controversial stuff and having a lot of rants” constitutes a “political” blog, okay, she belongs there. But really–she’s a passionate mommyblogger. She talks about breastfeeding, babywearing, parenting issues, and raising girls to not yield to gender roles.  I actually enjoy her blog a lot, when she doesn’t spend so much time hawking merchandise for her various sponsors, which she has seemed to be doing a lot lately. She is also known for two other pertinent quirks: She has a gajillion groupie-type followers who adore everything she says and tell her so in gushing detail, and she has a sizable number of people she has pissed off at some point in the process, who assert that she insists on ALWAYS being right and that anyone who disagrees with her is immediately deleted and banned from her pages–something difficult to check, of course, because, you know, deletion…She has inspired a darkly humorous satire site (the content of which I have to admit is spot on, though there’s a lot of real Springer-esque ugliness in the comment strings…) She is the blogger I also wrote about a few months ago who was incensed that her professor would dock her participation points for leaving class early when sick-while-pregnant.  This does not, IMO, constitute a “political blog.”

Neither of these women are among those I would have gladly invited to my home for dinner at any point in time, though having them both there together, with the cops on standby, could have been a really entertaining evening. I just kept quietly voting daily for my three favorites and following the drama wherever I could, because I’m just that kind of person, I can’t resist a good drama. Or a bad one. Or anything to distract me when I should be actually working.

So…TFB (The Feminist Breeder) posts all these things on her Facebook page about how “they” are calling the feminists “commies and drug users” and must be defeated at all costs. This of course stirs the indignant groupies to get furious and Refuse To Be Treated Like That, and go vote against the Mommentator. I, out of curiosity and knowing TFB’s penchant for hyperbole, couldn’t resist checking out the Mommentator’s (open) Twitter stream, as well as her husband’s and followers’, and found nothing of the sort. There were some “commie” comments from followers, but not from the actual candidate, or her husband.  In the last few days of the contest, there were references from the husband to “defeating the feminists,” which to me hardly constitutes violation of anyone’s TOS, but Circle of Moms gets to make that call, I guess…

And call it they did. After first winning the contest, the Mommentator was removed from her winning slot, disqualified due to violations of the TOS by her husband/campaign manager. (Her words. A campaign manager? For a Circle of Moms Top Blogger contest? Really??) She had apparently been “warned” by the CoM group, but apparently violated their rules anyway.

I have to assume TFB was warned also, because partway through the contest her “stop the evil dirty campaigners” campaign stopped fairly abruptly, doubtless leading to her highly dramatic drop in votes, leaving her trailing to third place by the end of the contest. Unless she just stopped out of the goodness of her heart and a Desire To Do The Right Thing. I’m sure that was it…

Then this morning, on TFB’s Facebook page: she has been disqualified too, for “category misplacement.” Like, as in, well, someone realized she’s not really a political blogger per se, unless  “saying controversial stuff and having a lot of rants” constitutes a “political” blog.

So, what have we learned?

We had two blogs in a contest, in a heated battle: one right wing blogger who seldom bothers to blog, one left wing feminist who blogs all the time about whatever she feels like (i.e. pretty much herself and her life) and seldom politics, both of whom have passionate groupie-followers, whose primary motivation in the contest seemed to be to utterly destroy the other.

It seems they were successful.

And now the top sites on the list are those of genuinely political moms with genuinely political goals and motivations. Long may they blog.

[UPDATE: one of the commenters on this post suggested the same concept, asking why does it always seem to be WOMEN doing this crap? The plot thickens: Hacker Impersonates Circle of Moms.

I still don’t think TFB belongs in the political blogs list.  But this is just…surreal.)

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