A Case for Qualitative Research

Check this out:

Study Finds Brain Differences Based On Faith

And this is a quantitative study, folks! A sampling  of 268 adults–they didn’t give very good info in the article re how the subjects were selected, nor other factors such as where they come from, their age, etc. and so forth…

But it’s quantitative. Deals with actual facts and numbers. Very linear, very direct. Much more worthy of attention than any loosey-goosey qualitative study.  Naah, this is a good one.

(Oh, shut up. It’s not my Roman Catholic background that has me pissy about this, it’s the ridiculous conclusions drawn from a way-too-insufficient study being presented as “study finds.”)

I’ve already got my next three books plotted out…maybe the fourth one can be “A Qualitative Analysis of the Bullshit Surrounding So Many Quantitative Analyses.” Think it’ll sell?

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