Who Reads Textbooks over Summer Vacation? Me.

I am really, really excited to have discovered Liz Garnett’s work. Her book Choral Conducting and the Construction of Meaning is something I’m dying to read–it’s too damn expensive to just buy, though, and at the moment the one copy in my university library is out. (I’ll wait till the quarter is over and try again. I have the advantage of being a Total Geek Who Can’t Even Wait Till School Starts to start reading textbooks…) If the synopses are to be believed, and there’s no reason they are not, she’s already doing work in the ethnography of choral conducting and power relationships in the rehearsal setting, which gives me hope that some of the earlier levels of the work I want to do for my thesis has already been done, and I can build on it–i.e., less broad stroke work I’ll need to do before getting to The Good Stuff, and an established scholar’s base of legitimacy to the research.

(She’s got a blog too–full of great info.)

Then there’s Janet Barrett…another choral person working very close to home in the area of qualitative research in the rehearsal setting. Finding scholars working in these kinds of areas lessens my fear that I won’t find support for my hoped-for thesis area…

The candy shop is just getting bigger and bigger.

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