And I want to go into academia why?

The battle of the adjuncts-vs.-tenured. Wow.

There’s the first one:

Are You Getting Your Adjunct On? A Few Do’s And Don’ts For New Members Of The Adjunct Army

And the first, sarcastic response:

Advice for Adjuncts

And the second, more direct response:

My Real Advice for Adjuncts.

And Clarissa’s blog, which is where I happened upon the whole thing:

I really hope. . .

I did adjunct briefly. It sucked. That’s a large part of why I’m going for the terminal degree, in the hopes that I might be able to obtain one of those coveted tenure track positions. But this trend is scary…


  • I really hope and wish you get a TT position. Tenured Radical’s attitude to adjuncts is only a small symptom of a much larger issue. At my dept., we even sit at lunch at two different tables: the tenured and TT people together and the adjuncts, lecturers, and instructors at another table.

    I now have stopped going to lunch with people because this kind of a caste society bothers me on a visceral level.

    • J.

      I think the caste system is a little less in operation among musicians–There But For The Grace is, I think, more clearly in operation and we’ve all (or most) had the Work Anywhere You Can Get A Check (“You want fries with that?”) experience at some point in our lives and realize how precarious music was as a choice to begin with. The idea of MUSICIAN JOB SECURITY is like the Holy Grail.

      Also interesting in the music world–applied music, rather than the more theoretical stuff– is how “adjunct professor”so widely employed, but in a different way. If you’re in a small-ish town, or even a larger area that supports several liberal arts colleges with decent but not huge music departments, and you’re for example the only really good bass viol player in the vicinity, you may be called on to be “adjunct professor of the bass viol” for any number of schools whenever they get that rare bass viol student who needs an applied teacher. Private teachers get called on to be adjunct all the time, it’s less a question of caste than whether you’re in an area or department big enough to support an actual tenure track/full time position. I don’t really know any “adjunct full time” music people…

      I did a University Chorus for two years, for not enough money, and it was actually a lot of fun. But when suddenly the entire responsibility for FITTING THE DAMN DRESSES and ordering and measuring and all that stuff for 75 young women was going to shift to my plate, for no extra pay, I was pretty much out of there.

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