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And I want to go into academia why?

The battle of the adjuncts-vs.-tenured. Wow.

There’s the first one:

Are You Getting Your Adjunct On? A Few Do’s And Don’ts For New Members Of The Adjunct Army

And the first, sarcastic response:

Advice for Adjuncts

And the second, more direct response:

My Real Advice for Adjuncts.

And Clarissa’s blog, which is where I happened upon the whole thing:

I really hope. . .

I did adjunct briefly. It sucked. That’s a large part of why I’m going for the terminal degree, in the hopes that I might be able to obtain one of those coveted tenure track positions. But this trend is scary…

If you don’t have something useful to say…

I participate in a bunch of online forums.

And this one guy is driving me crazy. You know the one–he’s the dude who may or may not actually know anything about what’s being discussed, or know the answer to the question posed by the original poster, or for that matter anything at all. But who feels the need to weigh in. Every time. Over and over again.

I wish he’d stop.