So now they all know. (And my favorite batons)

Today, within the space of about 10 minutes, I emailed pretty much Everyone on my contacts list, posted on Facebook, and posted on my yahoogroup that I will be leaving full time church ministry to pursue my doctorate full time.

And it’s real.

I also bought my first Mollard baton (or rather, it came in the mail today). A twelve inch P series zebrawood handle.  Got it cheap on ebay, because the plastic tube it came in was all squished, but the baton is just fine.

I’ll have to actually work with it, but I think I like it. I honestly tend to prefer slightly unbalanced batons with just a little more weight at the tip than the handle. I know, That’s Bad. But I like it. I like the feeling with a baton that my baton hand is 12 inches longer than my other hand, because it makes feeling and propriacepting that tip that much easier.

But the Mollard is perfectly balanced, and it feels very very different. I will probably use it this Easter, just to see how I like the feeling; if I do, I might get another 14-incher; I love the handle.

I have bad baton karma. Or at least since leaving grad school I have. At IU Jan made us buy this horrific 18-inch balsawood things with long cork handles.  God, I hated that baton. But the reality was that as students, if you had even the faintest instability in your gesture or pattern, it would transmit to the tip of that damn thing magnified by a factor of about 7. So it kept you honest. I’m told the old man in rural Wisconsin who used to make them passed away some years ago.

May he rest in peace.

I still have that damn baton.

Then I also had a couple of fiberglass wood-handled batons–I don’t recall who made them, but they looked and felt like Hamels. One of them got chewed to bits by my dog. That one was my favorite…then another got stolen off my podium between Masses on Christmas Eve of, I think, 1997. Since then I’ve pretty much gotten by on my cheap-as-crap black rubber-handled fiberglass 14-inch thing. It is inelegant in the extreme, but it gets the job done.

So basically this Mollard represents my first self-chosen non-stinky baton. We’ll see how it goes…

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