14 days left in the first half of March–feeling liminal today.

And so…it’s officially the “first half of March.”

Although…even if they mailed the letters out, they wouldn’t necessarily mean they’d ARRIVE in the first half of the month, right?


Sort of ironic that for someone who wants to devote a career to researching liminality and communitas, these 3 months I’m spending in this particular liminal place myself are my idea of hell on earth, and I’m fighting it for all I’m worth.  Maybe I should do a study on it, the rituals of university application and decision-making, how they effect the initial “threshhold step” into the new identity-less state of the initiand (and yes I meant effect, not affect), taking hopeful students who themselves may be accustomed to being at the top of their fields/classes/whatever and rendering them powerless and without status, almost “nonpersons,” during the period of waiting and preparation…

Or I can just continue to obsessively count days and check the mailboxes.  Surrender to the process, as it were…

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