Monthly Archives: January 2011

A gesture of hope…

This new blog is my own gesture of hope and longing…with probably a good bit of ranting and smart-ass thrown in.

My applications are in. I’m a mom, I have two kids and a husband in a secure job who makes a good bit more than I do. I spend a lot more time not-loving my job than I do loving it. (the “loving” comes during the 3-4 hours a week I actually get to conduct a choir.) I want to be a college professor, I want to be someplace where people give a damn about learning the ins and outs of something, about picking an idea to bits to see where it leads, about never being done and always continuing to learn and research.

There are only two doctorates in town in my field–I’ve applied for both of them.

And so I’ve claimed a blog title and am starting to put it out there. I want this very very badly…

We shall see.